Hardware Inventory not being processed by SMS/ConfigMgr servers | Hardware Inventory not working

I noticed some systems mostly Windows 2000 Servers hardware inventory did not report back to SMS and their hardware inventory MIF files were being moved to \inboxes\dataldr.box\BADMIFS\ directory. This problem seem to get resolved by uninstalling and re-installing the SMS/ConfigMgr client, but this will reappear again after few days.
 In the DataLDR.log the following error will be report for the effected clients.

File size exceeds defined maximum.

SMS creates a BadMifs directory only if a bad IDMIF or NOIDMIF is detected at your site server by the Inventory data loader. By default, the MIF file size is set to 5,000,000 bytes (4.7MB) that SMS collects from a client during its normal hardware inventory. If a MIF file exceeds the limit the MIF is rejected and placed into BADMIFs folder.
 You can increase the maximum MIF file size value from the registry on your SMS/ConfigMgr Site Server by modifying the following registry key:

On a 32-bit server:

 On a 64-bit server:

However if you increase this value your disk space on the site server may grow considerably because of the larger the MIF file size and your resources may diminish because it takes longer for the Inventory Data Loader to parse and process them.



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