Get OS type(x32 or x64) information from SCCM report

select sys.netbios_name0,
case when PROCESSOR.addresswidth0 = 64 then '64bit OS'
when PROCESSOR.addresswidth0=32 then '32bit OS'
end as [Operating System Type],
case when PROCESSOR.addresswidth0=32 and PROCESSOR.DataWidth0=64 then '*'
end as [32-bit OS on x64 processor]
from v_r_system sys
join v_gs_processor PROCESSOR on sys.resourceid=PROCESSOR.resourceid

All credits to Sherry Kissinger's. Read the original article at -


Anonymous said...

This report gives hardware address width, not the OS.

For OS address-width, use [v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM].[SystemType0]

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